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Draper Family Album

Photo album of the Draper Family. Click on “Read More” to see the pictures…

Burrage House in Redlands California

These are scans from a family album belonging to Harriette Draper. There are 84 photographs dating from 1905 to 1916 showing the Burrage House in Redlands California. Download the PDF from here: 1916-redlands-california-burrage-house Or, after the jump, there’s an embedded view of the PDF file that you can view directly.

The Burrage Memorial is Online

The Burrage Memorial was published in 1877. Written by Alvah A Burrage, the books presents “a genealogical history of the descendants of John Burrage who settled in Charlestown Massachusetts in 1637”. It starts with Robert Burrage who died in 1559 in Norfolk, England and finishes with glimpses of numerous Burrages living in the 1870’s. Albert […]

Photos of the Koudachev House in St Petersburg

Photos of the Koudachev house belonging to Prince Serge Wladimirovitch Koudachev are available at:

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth – wife of Prince Serge Wladimirovitch KOUDACHEV and mother of Myra Armour. Colored photograph and full length portrait in court dress.

Myra Armour Portrait

Myra Armour Рborn Princess Maria Sergu̩ievna Koudachev. Drawing by Olive Sewall in 1921.

Norman Armour – Watercolor Portrait – 1952

A watercolor portrait of Norman Armour painted in Nassau, Bahamas in 1952. Unfortunately there are a lot of reflections due to the glass. One day I will take a better picture.

Ocean’s 11 – New York Times – Allison Armour

valhalla05b.jpg Ocean’s 11 – New York Times At the turn of the 20th century, when the American economy was in one of its epic periods of wealth creation, Europe still had an aristocracy worthy of the name, and flaunting wealth was much in fashion, yacht racing was in its golden age. In 1904, Kaiser Wilhelm […]

Chile Copper Company Bowl 1914

CCC Commemorative Bowl 1914 Inscription: Chile Copper Co. First Copper Produced Experimental Plant 1914 approximately 10 cm diameter and 7.5 cm high CCC Commemorative Bowl 1914 – full size image

President Eisenhower to President Armas – June 3, 1955 – Dear Mr. President: I was extremely gratified to receive your letter of May ninth commending the services of Ambassador Norman Armour. It was with much regret that I learned from Mr. Armour that he felt the time had come for him to relinquish his duties. I was pleased, however, by his assurance that […]