The Burrage Memorial is Online

The Burrage Memorial was published in 1877. Written by Alvah A Burrage, the books presents “a genealogical history of the descendants of John Burrage who settled in Charlestown Massachusetts in 1637”. It starts with Robert Burrage who died in 1559 in Norfolk, England and finishes with glimpses of numerous Burrages living in the 1870’s.

Albert Cameron Burrage is mentioned – his birth in 1859 is recorded on page 177. Much more amusing is the account of his father, George Sanderson Burrage, who (on page 84) “seemed doomed by the Fates not to meet with success commensurate to his ambition, his worth or his ability”. It seems the Fates were much kinder to George’s son.

The book was put on line by Brigham Young University. It is a quick and fun read.

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