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Photos of the Koudachev House in St Petersburg

Photos of the Koudachev house belonging to Prince Serge Wladimirovitch Koudachev are available at:

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth – wife of Prince Serge Wladimirovitch KOUDACHEV and mother of Myra Armour. Colored photograph and full length portrait in court dress.

Myra Armour Portrait

Myra Armour Рborn Princess Maria Sergu̩ievna Koudachev. Drawing by Olive Sewall in 1921.

Norman Armour – Watercolor Portrait – 1952

A watercolor portrait of Norman Armour painted in Nassau, Bahamas in 1952. Unfortunately there are a lot of reflections due to the glass. One day I will take a better picture.