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Photos of the Koudachev House in St Petersburg

Photos of the Koudachev house belonging to Prince Serge Wladimirovitch Koudachev are available at:

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth

Countess Vera Maximilianovna Nieroth – wife of Prince Serge Wladimirovitch KOUDACHEV and mother of Myra Armour. Colored photograph and full length portrait in court dress.

Myra Armour Portrait

Myra Armour – born Princess Maria Serguéievna Koudachev. Drawing by Olive Sewall in 1921.

Norman Armour – Watercolor Portrait – 1952

A watercolor portrait of Norman Armour painted in Nassau, Bahamas in 1952. Unfortunately there are a lot of reflections due to the glass. One day I will take a better picture.