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Chile Copper Company Bowl 1914

CCC Commemorative Bowl 1914 Inscription: Chile Copper Co. First Copper Produced Experimental Plant 1914 approximately 10 cm diameter and 7.5 cm high CCC Commemorative Bowl 1914 – full size image

President Eisenhower to President Armas – June 3, 1955 – Dear Mr. President: I was extremely gratified to receive your letter of May ninth commending the services of Ambassador Norman Armour. It was with much regret that I learned from Mr. Armour that he felt the time had come for him to relinquish his duties. I was pleased, however, by his assurance that […]

Norman Armour Meets Mark Twain – Laurence Hutton, the literary editor of Harper’s Magazine, was a Princeton resident. The Recollector revealed that among those who visited him at his home “Peep O’Day” in the early 1900s were Samuel Clemens (better known as “Mark Twain,” author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn), and Helen Keller, who triumphed […]

End of the Line – Monday, Dec. 31, 1945,9171,886701,00.html – Lean, greying Norman Armour stepped off a plane in Washington, with Madrid behind him and retirement ahead. Thus a distinguished diplomatic career neared its close. For 30 years, Norman Armour had steered a steady, able course through troubled diplomatic waters: the Red Revolution in Leningrad, The Hague in 1920-21, Rome in the mid-’20s, […]

Armour to Madrid – Monday, Dec. 18, 1944,9171,778233,00.html – A major U.S. diplomatic shift was in the works. Headed for Spain was astute, aristocratic Norman Armour. Slated for retirement was balding, professorial Carlton Joseph Huntley Hayes, after a short (30-month) career in Madrid. The Spanish assignment for Armour was a neat answer to a double problem. It would: 1) provide an important […]

Norman Armour – Wikipedia Entry – Norman Armour (October 14, 1887–September 27, 1982) was a career United States diplomat who the New York Times once called “the perfect diplomat”. In his long career spanning both World Wars, he served as Chief of Mission in eight countries, as Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs, and married into Russian nobility.

Albert Cameron Burrage (1859-1931)

Albert Cameron Burrage was father to Albert Cameron Burrage Jr, father of Cynthia Sewall Burrage (Armour/Hovey), mother of Théo Armour. General – an excellent general biography of Albert Cameron Burrage with photographs and bibliography.

Norman Armour Papers – Papers held at the Princeton University Library – The Norman Armour Papers are comprised primarily of Armour’s correspondence with State Department officials, American presidents, and foreign leaders. Reports, telegrams, transcripts of speeches and newspaper clippings documenting Armour’s diplomatic career, and personal correspondence are also preserved in the collection. Biography Norman Armour, career diplomat […]

Ambassador Norman Armour

From US Department of State web site: Chiefs of Mission by Country, 1778-2005 Haiti Name: Norman Armour State of Residency: New Jersey Foreign Service officer Title: Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary Appointment: Jul 25, 1932 Presentation of Credentials: Nov 7, 1932 Termination of Mission: Recess appointment expired, Mar 4, 1933 Note: Commissioned during a recess […]

Koudachev Family Geneology

In the summer of 1999, I did a search on the Internet and came across a reference to Jacques Ferrand and to some books he has written on the noble families of ancient Russia. I ordered a book that included references to the Koudachev family. This revision is a scanned version of the chapter on […]